Calvin Wetzel


I grew up in rural Illinois before attending college at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. I got my B.S. in mathematics there, and while…

Andy Levine

English Language

Greetings and Salutations, This year means a lot to me in terms of my career, working with awesome kids, and teaching the subject I…

Kevin Yiaile

Business & History & Science

Am a certified academic specialist with a focus in liberal arts and business related areas of study. With over 5 years experience, I am…

Renee Brown

English Language

Hi there! I am an ESL veteran with almost 10 years of experience. This May, I will complete my M.A. in Linguistics and TESOL.…

LaToya Session

English Language

For the past twelve years, I have had the pleasure of teaching a broad range of students how to effectively read, write, and speak…

Lisa Dolby

English Language

Hi! My name is Mrs. Dolby. I am an English teacher in a South Jersey high school. I’ve been teaching for 14 years, and…

Anthony Sanders

English Language

I’m a Native English Speaker from Atlanta, Georgia, located in the southeast region of the United States of America. I have been teaching English…

Saheed Akinbode

Business & Mathematics & Project Management

I was born and brought up in Lagos: the major economic nerve center of Nigeria, It’s also the headquarters of entertainment in Africa. This…

Catherine Talley

English Language

I am a college writer teacher and faculty writing consultant with 12+ years experience teaching academic writing and 10+ years experience tutoring writers of…

Dr. Diane Woitschitzky

Business & Mathematics & Physics & Social Studies

PhD in physics, business consultant and trainer, teacher teachiching in: mathematics, physics, economy, cost accounting, marketing, human ressources

Olayinka Bayo-Dawodu

English Language

A Nigerian born in February, 1981. Teaching since graduation in 2003, PGDE 2007, Masters in English Language 2013. Officially a teacher certified in Nigeria…

Leslie Powell


BS Degreed Chemist, Master degree near completion.

Erick Ellis

Chemistry & Mathematics

I’m an Organic Chemist with over 16 years of experience teaching Organic and General Chemistry Courses. My classes included direct interaction and open communication…

Leslie Graham

English Language

I’ve been teaching since 2005. I have taught mostly preschool and kindergarten. I have a bachelors and masters degree in early childhood education. I…

Jeffrey Akhareyi


I graduated in May 2015 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I have tutored students online and in-person since…

Bryan Oxley


I have taught online for 10 years now and at the campuses. I have a master’s in business administration (MBA) and a master’s in…

Michelle Swinea

English Language

I have earned my Master’s degree in Higher Education from The University of Toledo. My educational philosophy is Servant Leadership. My focus for students…

Heather Hubbert

English Language

I hold a Masters in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, am a certified teacher for elementary and middle school students…

Jasmin Hewetson

English Language

I am an ambitious and committed young lady, caring, and respectful, trustworthy, confident, friendly, hard working, adaptable, independent, energetic, and always optimistic! I am…

Samantha Sands

English Language

I have been working as a professional tutor since 10/2011 and recently graduated with my M.Ed. from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.…

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