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Introduction to American Business

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Introduction to American Business




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5 days





Askademic’s Introduction to American Business is such an exciting class for the aspiring businessman or businesswoman. Learning the rudiments of American professionalism is essential when trying to make workplace processes flow as smoothly as possible. Becoming a part of an effective, complimentary, and diverse team is the ultimate American Dream!

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for students entering an English speaking workforce or anyone within an English speaking workplace already who wants to improve their communication skills. This course was designed to improve listening skills, learn workplace vocabulary, and to help understand western work culture norms.

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What people say?

Although I wanted to know more of the nuances of the typical American business setting, this course was still helpful in new office vocabulary and communicating with coworkers. I look forward to the next Business level, whenever it comes out...
Alexandra Eusebio
Good vocab, conversation etiquette, and norms to follow.
Adalberto Gustavo Ferro
Who is this course for?
Anyone who needs a deeper understanding of the nuances of an English speaking work environment.
What will I learn?
You'll learn very important vocabulary, cultural values and behaviors, as well as grammatical structures that are common at work.
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Duration 10 days
Video 90 minutes
Level Intermediate


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