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Basic English Verb Structure

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This course is perfect for beginner students wanting to learn easy-to-use verbs. Full of past, present, and future verbs, this course teaches you how to apply them in a casual and easy-going environment. This course is great for all ages, including younger students, with clear explanations, a manageable pace, and distinctively colorful slides.

Learn how to use the best verbs in this course for beginners. Clear explanations, a manageable pace, and distinctively colorful slides will have you feeling like an expert within minutes of starting it! This is perfect whether you are just getting started or need some extra help understanding certain concepts more clearly- there’s no limit on what kind of person can learn from these lessons, so don’t wait any longer because today could be yesterday when we’re talking about tomorrow

What will I learn if I take this course?
You will learn basics of verb use so that you can apply verb tenses in a way that is correct and sounds natural!
Why should I take this course?
Basic grammar is the foundation in communicating effectively. You can only get your point across to other English speakers if they can understand what you're talking about! This course will give you those basics that you need.
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Duration 3 Days
Lectures 15
Video 70 minutes
Quizzes 1


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