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English Courses

Level 1: Beginning

The student has no knowledge of English beyond answers to simple questions like “What’s your name?”

Soon 3 classes a week


Level 2: Intermediate

This student participates in most classroom activities and follows directions adequately, though with frequent misunderstandings.

Soon 3 classes a week


Business English

This short course is for learners who need to improve their ability to communicate when socializing, telephoning, presenting, taking part in meetings, and negotiating.

Soon 2 classes a week


Level 3: Advanced

This student is able to participate and excel in all classroom and social activities, requiring less frequent teacher intervention with vocabulary and directional assistance.

Soon 3 classes a week


Top Teachers

Joanna Goodwin

English Language

Amal Nassar Hassan

English Language

Heather Ray

Chemistry & English Language & Mathematics & Science & Social Studies

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