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English Conversational Training Course

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English Listening Skills Training




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Master the art of listening and and responding with Askademic. Identifying words, isolating phrases, and formulating a quick response can be tricky, but teacher Kayla Belush makes it easy. The 3-hour course includes 9 lectures that break down linguistic patterns and help you learn English online.

There are two parts of conversation: listening and responding, but when you break it down you need to hear and comprehend before responding. Once you’ve understood the other person, you can then respond, but it has to be in a manner that is as equally comprehensible (being able to pronounce those tough sounds and words).

No matter how nice Americans are, having a full conversation in English can be scary if you don’t feel ready! This course is for you if you’ve ever avoided an English conversation because you were:

  • Too intimidated
  • Didn’t feel natural or confident
  • Didn’t think you could keep up,
  • Or just didn’t want to leave your comfort zone

This course has Spanish and Portuguese subtitles as it focuses on listening and communication obstacles commonly faced by individuals with these first languages.

Completing this course will help you:

After this course, you’ll be able to hold your own and maintain effective communication by not only enhancing your listening skills, but your entire understanding of American English!

Who is the course for?

This course is excellent for any level, especially since it has subtitles. Even if you’re in the beginning stages of learning English, having a foundation of communication will help you learn new vocabulary and grammar. Knowing how to communicate new material is the ultimate advantage! Additionally, learning communication skills early on will minimize these issues by the time you reach more advanced levels!

Who's Kayla?

Kayla is a communication coach from upstate New York who loves the nuanced art of phonetics and phonology. In this online course, she clearly explains the fluid elements of American English that can trip you up. Focus on the stress, middle vowel sound (schwa), intonation, and connected speech syllables to easily make sense of the language.

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Cuando comencé este curso con Kayla, no pensé que ella me enseñaría nada que no aprendiera en la prepa. ¡Ahora, quiero mostrarles a mis maestros pasados este curso!
José Rodrigues
To be honest, the subtitles were important to me when watching the lessons. I'm glad I was able to keep up with the lessons so I could learn new communication with American speakers!
Zainab Adeogun
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Duration 21 days
Lectures 8
Level Intermediate


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