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Level: Basic – Intermediate (A2-B1)
Choose the correct option.

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1)Tom —- Jerry for ten minutes.

2)The cat —- under the bed since thismorning.

3)My daughter —- too much chocolaterecently.

4)How long —- you —- Spanish?

5)The gardener —- the grass since thismorning.

6)She —- that novel since last Saturday.

7)My parents —- a movie for two hours.

8)Sam —- his room since this morning.

9)Nicole’s twin daughters —- for half an hour.

10)Kate —- the housework since she arrivedhome.

11)I —- the dishes since I had dinner.

12)Sandra —- on her new project for a week.

13)The teachers —- an exam for an hour.

14)—- he —- his bedroom?

15)The tourists —- a photo since the tourbegan.

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Passing grade - 70%