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Link Your Ideas In English Writing

This course is for students who need some intermediate-level guidance on English writing rules and want to try out what they’ve learned. The course goes over all the basics, like format and vocabulary choices, and even what you should avoid! It also includes creative challenges so you will finish this course with more confidence about your abilities as a writer and prepare better for assignments of your own before moving onto more advanced levels.

Link your ideas to perfect your Written Delivery

Tell Your Story

Whether you are storytelling, persuading your audience, or informing your readers, linking events, conversations, and ideas smoothly is essential for readability, or how easy it is for an individual to read and understand what you’ve written. 

How to link these elements differs within each language. Learning this skill is important at any level of English-learning. No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, learn how to link your writing so you can communicate at your very best!

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