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Conversational Practice for Beginners

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This course is for people who are learning English. It is designed to be challenging but not too hard. These lessons were chosen to help the student learn English in a relaxed and stress-free environment. The studies demonstrate how English is used in real life with many examples. Even beginners learning English can learn from this course because it has many new practice opportunities.

This course is for people who want to learn English and make it their second language. It’s designed so that even beginners can have a stress-free experience learning this challenging but not too complex international tongue! The lessons demonstrate how we use the global language with many examples, which will help you master everything from listening skills through speaking practice all in one place – without having any previous knowledge on either end of things (like grammar).

Communication is a vital part of life. The more you share, the better! But sometimes it can be hard to know what exactly words should come out or how much information people want from us- especially if their tone doesn’t match up with our feelings at all times… well this course will help teach conversation skills so that no matter where your anxiety takes hold (in front row center), learning those basics always feels doable.
I hope these classes make conversations flow easier than before because after taking them, I bet there’ll never BE another day when talking isn’t worthwhile.

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Who is the course for?

The course is perfect for those who want to improve their English! The lessons cover all of the basics, including grammar and vocabulary. You will also learn how introductions work in conversation and ask questions about someone or talk about family members–it’s exciting stuff that can help you break into conversations more efficiently with little effort (which everyone needs).

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A very elementary and slow course, but good for a beginner like my mom.
Persis Shifra
Good efforts from teacher to keep my attention and easy to understand him.
Kristina Warinhari
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Duration 10 days
Level Beginner


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