Instructor Bio

Kayla is a pronunciation coach from upstate New York who fell in love with the art of the spoken word after mastering her Spanish accent through the study of phonetics and phonology. This motivated her to guide others in experiencing that same sense of accomplishment in her native language of English. 

Kayla currently lives in Spain and is passionate about sharing her love of language with her students while inspiring them to appreciate all of the nuances of not only English but of their native languages as well. In her free time, she loves reading, traveling, playing soccer, and improving her foreign language skills."

Teacher Courses

English Listening Skills Training
5 (1)
9 Lessons Intermediate Skill Level 3:11h Duration English Language Overview Master the art of listening and improve comprehension with Askademic. I...
9 Lectures
7 days
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5 (2)
21 Videos Intermediate Skill Level 4:11h Duration English Language Overview Speak more clearly and confidently with targeted pronunciation practice...
21 Lectures
10 Days
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