About Me.

I’m Kirsten

Teaching is my passion

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Know Me.

Hi, I’m Kirsten but you can call me Kirsty! I love meeting people from all over the world and helping them to become confident in speaking English. I’m very patient, understanding and easy to talk to. I enjoy exercising, cooking, painting and reading books in my free time. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced English Teacher

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Education and 4 years of teaching experience, including 2 years of online English teaching. I like to make my lessons learner-focused and have fun conversations with my students. We can focus on vocabulary and pronunciation, listening and speaking, Business English, reading, writing or free talk. I will help you in any area that you wish! You will get customized lessons that suit your needs. I look forward to meeting you!

Work Experience.

  • Planning lessons for various subjects, including History, Maths, Science, Psychology, Business, Art and Finances.
  • Interacting and having conversations in English lessons.
  • Pronunciation, Reading, Grammar and Writing skills.
  • Teaching Demo classes and providing reports.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  • TEFL/TESOL Certificate
  • National Senior Certificate

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.



Fluent in English (Native English speaker) (South African accent)



-Basic Computer Literacy course (University of Fort Hare -2018)



  • Squash
  • Hockey and Tennis Implement Sports course