Sabrina Wood

  • Specialties: English Language & Social Studies
  • Location: Schaumburg, United States (US)
  • Online classes: 0
  • Teacher since: October, 2018
  • Skills: Ability to Engage, Commitment, Confidence, Creative, Imaginative, Mentoring, Organized, Problem-solving, Writing

About Me

As an instructor, I believe that it is important to conduct a class in a creative way in order to reach a variety of student learning styles. As a teacher, I believe that it is important to be a trainer and a mentor. My virtual behavior should be a good influence on how to act and behave in the field. I want my students to be engaged with the course material through the use of a variety of activities and assignments. My background is in management, forensic, and business psychology. My professional experience centralizes on being empathetic, patient, creative, and identifying different strategies to obtain the best end result. In the most recent class that I taught, I was able to instituted new and creative assignments and to engage students both virtually and on ground in the classroom.
Students enroll and come to class to get an education in a specific subject. As an adult student, the ability to obtain and retain new information can be different than a younger learner. This being said, it is important to work with the different learning styles present in a virtual classroom. I teach by using creative assignments, discussions, while also looking at trying to further students’ ability to learn in various ways. I look to identify the student’s perspectives and prior knowledge in order for them to get a broader picture and understanding of the material.
It is important to keep in mind that each student comes to class with their own history, perspective, and understanding of the material. For class activities, I look to find activities and discussions that will engage them and help them synthesize the material in ways rather than just straight memory but to fully understand the concepts and improve their own critical thinking skills.
Since completing my PhD in Business Psychology, I have actively pursued adjunct teaching opportunities offered in various delivery methods. For the current class that I am teaching, CC512 Psychology of the Lifespan, I have been chosen out of the entire adjunct pool to help cover another section of the class for a faculty member on a medical leave. I take a team mentality when working with a department. I actively check in with course leads and provide new readings as well as recommended new classroom activities. I have found that it is important to encourage and motivate students to learn in a variety of ways. In my classes, I do my best to offer instruction to students in a variety of ways that would be advantageous for different learning styles.

My Schedule

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