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What's so great about our Private, online Lessons?

Not only are these practice sessions tailored directly to you as you’re learning the language, but the pricing, freely structured curriculum, tutors, and tone are modified to enhance your overall learning experience.

Meet your teacher!

Hello there! It's Dinela. No need to call me "teacher". Call me "Dinela" or "D". ^^ I am someone who does many different things: teaching, cinematography, YouTube, simply helping people. I am here not to work but to spread awareness on the right learning ways.
Dinela Musinovic

English Private Lessons:

Since consistent practice of a language is the key to perfecting it, we wanted English Practice classes to be very accessible. While other platform’s basic classes are over $50/hour, Askademic’s English practice sessions are $30/hour. English Practice also comes with the freedom to book whenever you want and to converse about any topic you feel you need to practice more. Our teacher Dinela is non-judgmental and is there for you to help meet your goals. You won’t be lectured about any topic, subject, or theme, rather you will have a casual chat where you will never feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Why Private English Lessons?

Only for you

Created specifically for our students who don't speak English as their first language


Askademic tutors are carefully handpicked so students get the most out of sessions


Sessions are one-on-one, comfortable, and low-stress

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