Present Perfect Mixed Test

Level: Elementary

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in parenthesis.

Passing grade is 80% 

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Samantha ____________________ (just / go) to the bank today.

______ Jasmine ________ (call) you yet?

Leo ____________________ (forget) to invite his friends.

How many languages ______ Katherine ___________ (learn) so far?

The baby ____________________ (eat) nothing since this morning.

What _______________ Mrs. Parker _______________ to her students at school lately? (teach)

I ____________________ (not see) a good movie for a long time.

_______________ Marta already _______________ you? (call)

Oh my Goodness! Somebody ____________________ (break into) my house.

Sandra ___________________ (never / take) a part in any competitions before.

I ____________________ (already / pass) all my exams.

Where ________ you ________ (be)?

Since yesterday Thomas ____________________ (not say) a word.

My son and I ____________________ (not go) fishing for a long time.

How ___________ Edward and Olivia _______________ their homework? (do)

For two years, Pamela ________________ (work) as a secretary.

Uncle Frank ____________________ (be) to London many times but he ____________________ (not be) to Manchester before.

I ____________________ (share) the same desk with my best friend for five years.

______ you _______ (notice) the color of the walls?

______ she ________ (bake) a delicious apple pie yet?

The kids ____________________ (just / complete) their assignment.

_______ the baby _____________ his milk completely? (drink)

I ____________________ (not see) “The Lord of The Rings” yet.

Julia ____________________ (already / prepare) the breakfast.

______ you _______________ the stamps yet? (find)

Hector ____________________ (not smoke) since he had a heart attack.

_________ you _________ a credit card before? (use)

Students ____________________ (not use) their dictionaries until now.

________ Sam already _________ his orange juice? (drink)

Alexander ____________________ (just / borrow) some books from the library.

How many countries ____________ Isabelle ____________ so far? (visit)

I ____________________ (send) two letters to my pen friend this week.

Who _______ they ____________ swimming with? (go)

Oliver ____________________ his room yet. (not tidy)

_______ your favorite singer ____________ (release) a new album recently?

_______ Angela _______________ (make) her bed yet?

Carol ____________________ (not read) a book this month.

They ____________________ (change) a lot since they won the lottery.

Allen ____________________ (always / like) adventure movies.

There ____________________ (be) many earthquakes lately.

Nobody ________________________ (climb) to that mountain before.

____________ Leila _______________ the floor today? (vacuum)

The girls ____________________ (grow) a lot since the last time I saw them.

Bill ____________________ (earn) a lot of money since he opened up his store.

Barbara ____________________ (already / eat) three burgers.

It ____________________ (just / take) twenty minutes to go there by car.

The teacher ____________________ (just / meet) her old students.

Carol ____________________ (not write) with her right hand since she broke it.

Scientists __________________ (cure) many diseases throughout history.

Suzanna _______________ Chinese. (master)

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Passing grade - 80%