American Pronunciation Training

Have more confidence when speaking with native English speakers – Askademic’s pronunciation training is a comprehensive course focusing on everyday accent needs.

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American Rs Practice

The first time you do this practice sheet, run through all the exercises. Take note of the words/phrases that are most challenging. These are what you should focus on when practicing. Feel free to add to your practice any other words with ‘R’ that you have had trouble with. I recommend practicing the ‘R’ sound for about 5 minutes per day if this is a challenging sound for you! 

The American R Sounds

This is a very common sound for non-native English speakers to struggle with. 

So we’re going to go through the different American sounds that exist because they are not, all the same, to understand them better and know exactly how to practice them moving forward.

Completing this course will help you:

Prosody Practice

Keeping your mind fresh is essential, so do the most challenging exercises first. You can always add other phrases that you find difficult later!

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