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Our online classes are 1-on-1, giving you the hands-on education you need to pass that exam, improve your grade, or expand your education. Our dedicated virtual teachers have extensive knowledge in the subjects you select, giving you access to qualified support.

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Slide How does Askademic work? 1. Find a teacher Our teachers are primarily native speakers of English with the most current training in their subject as well as modern educational styles. Watch How trending_flat 2. Book a class Every teacher has a different availability, you will be able to book with any teacher any time you like! Don't worry, we have teachers from all over the world . Watch How trending_flat 3. Join your class When time comes, just login to your dashboard and you will see your class ready for you. Your teacher will be waiting for you. Watch How trending_flat

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We can help you with a single assignment, or you can find a tutor to help guide you through a whole semester or brush up on a single subject. You tell us what you’re looking for, and we can put you in touch with the teacher or tutor that’s going to help you move to the head of the class. 


Do I need to pay for my first two classes?

No, you are not paying anything for your first two classes. Askademic is not going to ask you to pay or put any payment method.

How to find my perfect tutor?

We have a great collection of tutors. Use your two free classes to try them! You can also see every tutor’s rate and you also can message your tutor before you book with them.

Can I use Homework Help during my trial plan?

Yes, you can, but the homework help service is not free and not included on the trial plan. The homework help price starts at $3 per page.

Do I need to enter my card numbers for Trial Plan?

No, you are not required to share any payment method before you take your first two classes.

How many classes do I have in my trial plan?

You will have 2 classes for 5 days; then, your trial plan will end. If you don’t book your classes during your very first five days, the two classes will be gone.