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The Honor Code is Askademic’s policy on academic integrity and honesty. It states Askademic’s high standard for tutors and students in learning and solving various Academic work.

At Askademic, we frown on any form of Academic dishonesty or malpractice. The Services provided on our Platform should not be used to replace regular Student classes or as a means to commit any malpractices whatsoever. You understand that you’ll be doing a lot more harm to yourself by attempting to manipulate the services provided by Askademic.

Askademic’s Platform has been developed to help connect teachers with learners. It is not a platform to exchange answers or complete assignments. Instead, our Tutors will use their reasonable efforts and professional experience to provide you with effective tutoring learning. Effective tutoring is more than simply giving out answers to questions. We encourage pioneering problem-solving approaches, helping students comprehend the methods required to find the solution instead of giving them the answer and working backward.


At Askademic, we understand the pressures surrounding the Academic environment. The Stress attached to schoolwork works and keeping up with what you have learned in school. However, the risk you take by violating Askademic’s code of academic integrity is not worth the short-term reward. If you violate any use of Askademic, you will be permanently barred from using our service. We take our time to review every session on the site, and we will suspend users immediately if there’s any indication of a violation of our Services. In addition, askademic tutors are not on the site to finish homework for students. Instead, they want to help students learn. Any breach of that trust will result in suspension.


Just as students adhere to Askademic’s academic honesty policy, tutors are always expected to uphold the procedure. Tutors understand that, at times, Students will attempt to manipulate the service. We encourage our Tutors to make it clear to Students that requesting that an Assignment be completed for them or trying to outsmart the Platform’s policy is a complete violation, and they could be suspended and terminated.

All sessions and messages on the site are monitored, and any violation of Askademic’s academic honesty policy will result in suspension and review for possible termination.