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Confident, Natural English Course

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Express exactly what you want to say with essential grammar skills. This intermediate grammar course is the key to speaking like a native, whether you’re talking about the future, sharing a story from the past, or asking a question in the present moment.

Learn English online with Merve – language analysis and one of Askademic’s most popular English tutors. During the 80-minute course, Merve uses contextual examples and conversations from native speakers to help grammar rules make sense. Plus, the intermediate class also includes assignments, so you can practice using the present tense, modals, and quantifiers.

This course will help beginner (or higher) speakers put together details when communicating with others. So if you ever hesitate, are at a loss for words, or forget what comes next, then this course is for you. Taking your English to a clearer and more confident level begins with you. And Merve, your Askademic instructor, is here to help every step of the way.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for those who are learning or have already learned English as their second language. Both beginners and advanced English speakers will equally benefit from this course that helps students put their thoughts in communicable phrases and sentences. It’s one thing to be able to conjugate verbs on paper, but it’s another vital skill to be able to actually communicate ideas word for word, exactly how they appear in your thoughts. Take this course if you’re looking to make your English abilities truly meaningful by being understood, acknowledged, and responded to accordingly.

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What people say?

It's a very good course for my English to become so good that I can have a lot of conversations without shame. Merve is very good. I wish he can produce more courses.
abeer alshawi
Thank you for creating this course. I improved my English from this course. The course videos are designed in a way that makes it easy to watch.
Abdlghan ahrmat
I already know the grammar from the sections, so why should I take this course?
The sections are separated and named by which grammar concepts are included in the lessons, however, each video includes common examples and scenarios that will help in your own communication goals.
Will this course help me sound more natural when speaking English?
Yes! This course helps build your confidence, especially if you often find yourself at a loss for English words.
Course details
Duration 3 Days
Lectures 9
Video 80 minutes
Quizzes 1
Level Intermediate


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