We Are Beyond

Askademic offers online courses to maintain and broaden its mission of accessible, affordable, and high-quality education. These pre-recorded, online courses are designed for students who need self-paced and private instruction without having to make scheduling commitments.

Askademic has comprehensive courses, supplemental tutoring, short refreshers, step-by-step tutorials, curriculum-structured classes, and more all in one place and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Become Part of Something Bigger!

Askademic isn’t just a website for online courses. Askademic is a community full of worldly instructors, relatable peers, and of course, Askademic support whenever needed.

Although learning independently is a viable method, the option to participate helps students learn new things, experience a different perspective, and thrive through connection and accountability.

Changing Lives

Potential is universal, but opportunity is not. Askademic’s accessible, affordable, and high quality instruction empowers capable students everywhere to change their lives.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are experienced, skilled, and passionate about their fields. Employing several different teaching methods in each online course, they maximize comprehension and optimize success.

Humble Beginnings

Askademic is a team of secondary language learners. Since we’ve all started from the very beginning, we knew there were obstacles and volatility in international education, especially with English. Now, the team is proud to have created a perfectly balanced online environment that now includes several areas of English study.

Grow With Us

Offering courses, assignments, quizzes, personalized feedback, support, and incentives, Askademic puts students on clear and attainable paths to reach their goals. Maintaining transparency is one of our principal objectives, and we promise to always do right by our students.

Why You Should Join Askademic


The availability of subtitles in several languages ensures complete comprehension by our students. We are committed to student success regardless of the student's native language and the student's English comprehension level.

Points System

Get rewarded for your hard work and participation; completing courses, positively contributing to the community, and achieving your own goals are tasks that should receive actual rewards.

Message System

The user-friendly messaging allows for effortless and readily available access to the student community, instructors, and Askademic's support team.


Quizzes help with concentration, identifying knowledge gaps, building confidence, and retaining information without the pressure of a formal grading system. Rule out the fear of a failing grade; take each quiz as many times as needed to ensure topic comprehension and course success.


Certificates are awarded for completing courses to endorse the material learned and recognize the goals reached.


Assignments allow the reinforcement of course content by demonstrating and applying what was learned. Askademic returns personalized feedback so the student can continue to improve and reach their educational goals.