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We love saving you time, so instead of telling you to “Ask an Academic,” when you need help with your homework or you’ve got a subject that’s giving you trouble, we just say “Askademic!” 

Our platform is designed to give you high-quality tutoring and educational support that’s fully customized to meet your schedule, goals, and learning style. We’ve got content experts in dozens of subjects that can help you with your homework or give you the tools you need to master even the most challenging subjects. 

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Using the latest technology, our web-based platform lets you make the most of live chat, real-time web conferencing, and a deep library of educational videos on almost any subject. 24/7 access means that you can schedule your Askademic learning around work, school, or anything, really. Our educators are also well-versed in modern educational practices, so they’re ready to find the best way to help you learn the information that you need.

We can help you with a single assignment or you can find a tutor to help guide through a whole semester or brush up on a single subject. You just tell us what you’re looking for and we can put you in touch with the teacher or tutor that’s going to help you move to the head of the class. 

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Askademic is based out of Chicago, USA, but we help students all over the world find effective and convenient ways to meet their educational goals. When you become an Askademic student, we give you more than information; we give you an educational experience that’s designed to be most effective for the way you learn.


Expert Instructors

Our teachers are primarily native speakers of English with the most current training in their subject as well as modern educational styles. They know how to deliver the information for all types of students, and they’re skilled at making the most complex subjects easy to understand.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our web-based platform features the latest technology and we’re always working to make sure that we stay current with the industry. You’ll have the benefit of high-resolution video and real-time web calling, all via high-speed uninterrupted streaming.

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy is our top priority. When a student uploads a homework, all orders are going to the students' pages, which are very secure with login credentials. Also, teachers can't see your full name for your online class booking and the homework help service.

Unique Personalization

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to our services. Whether you choose to work one-on-one with a tutor matched to your needs or work through our adaptive online products on your own, everything we do is geared toward personalizing your prep and meeting your unique needs.

A+ Homework

Hand in A+ Homework: Tell us about your assignment and we’ll help you find the shortest route to the front of the class. No assignment is too big or too small! By the time the deadline arrives, you’ll have first-class homework along with a better understanding of the material.

We Follow Up

We take great pride in our work and our students. We can’t improve without your feedback, so we’ll look to you for expert guidance. Our students show us what works and what needs to be changed to keep providing the most convenient and effective educational services around.


Askademic’s platform has been developed to help connect teachers with learners. It is not a platform to exchange answers or completed assignments. Our Tutors will use their reasonable efforts and professional experience to provide you with effective tutoring learning. Effective tutoring is more than simply giving out answers to questions. We encourage pioneering problem-solving approaches, helping students comprehend the methods required to find the answer instead of giving them the answer and working backward.