Askademic is a Team of Language Learners

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Everyone who joins the Askademic team has learned a second language. Good for us. Why should you care? Here’s why:

We know what good instructors look like, sound like, and (most importantly) teach like. Put together, the Askademic team has been through hundreds of language classes. We’ve all had teachers we have loved, disliked, or were neutral about. So, now that we’re in the position of selecting instructors, we know what their background and experience should include and what kind of teaching styles to encourage. We also want them to teach something they’re passionate about so they are much more likely to relay their information enthusiastically, interactively, and accurately.

We know which types of courses you need to continue developing your foreign language skills. As we’ve all learned a second language from the very beginning, we know that grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing are so important, but delivering these topics in an orderly, beneficial, and interesting manner is vital. We also know how important overall comprehension and confidence are, so we make sure to offer pronunciation and cultural context courses. A well-rounded course offering ensures that those basic grammar and vocabulary skills get put to use in a meaningful way!

We know you’ll have questions and need support. Since Askademic is a streamlined educational platform, you’re probably going to run into some questions. We have a secure messaging system with very responsive team members on the other end. Yes, actual people. Robots help us get your inquiries to the right inbox, but you’ll receive a response from a real person. We also love chatting with our students because it encourages some real-time English practice! Tell us everything and anything you want, and we’ll continue the conversation! This will help us place you in the right course that will bring your English abilities to the next level. And when we say you might need support, we mean you might need support from the support team. If you ever feel discouraged, overwhelmed, or just in a bad mood, then reach out to us! We’ve all been there. We know how difficult this is and we’re so proud of you for getting this far.

We know how it feels. Like I said, we’ve been where you are. We know how frustrating learning a language can be. There are so many rules, tenses, irregularities, and more, but that’s what makes language beautiful and what makes humanity so unique. We are capable of such vastness in spoken communication. It just shows that learning a second language is such a monumental accomplishment in and of itself.

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Askademic is a Team of Language Learners

Everyone who joins the Askademic team has learned a second language. Good for us. Why should you care? Here’s why: We know what good instructors