Language Learning Tips from a Language Learner

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Language Learning Tips from a Fellow Language Learner

I may have been like you not too long ago: learning a new language (Spanish for me), taking lessons, spending money on courses, and obsessing over becoming fluent! Here’s my advice to anyone learning English:

*Conversation, conversation, conversation

Practicing the language is an absolute must, of course! It may be awkward or anxiety-provoking, but you need to speak in English with real people. Preferably people who can say it better than you! Practicing with someone more advanced than you can only advance your level and abilities because you are always learning something new! Also, if you speak with them enough, you’ll emulate their advanced-level habits. When necessary, thirty minutes of deep conversation with corrections can be more valuable than five hours in a classroom!

*Solo online courses are better than in-person classes, with many students

There are two problems with in-person classes. The first is that the in-person class moves at the pace of its slowest student. The second is that language learning is a somewhat personal process. So, when you take Askademic’s online, prerecorded courses, you can move at your own pace, rewind, take a break, and focus on your needs.

*Buy a translation dictionary and learn new words every day! (Take special note of everyday, commonplace, and emergency use vocabulary)

This is the best way to expand your vocabulary! If you don’t know where to begin, start with the 100 most common words and make sentences with them repeatedly.

*Keep practicing in your head

After you say something in your native language, think about how you would say it in English. This is one of my favorite ways to practice because no one can hear if you get it wrong or need a few tries. This is also helpful if you don’t get many opportunities to practice throughout your day. For example, if you speak to many people at work, try thinking about your responses in English. Or, if you primarily work independently or at a computer all day, think about what you’re doing and the steps you take to complete tasks in English.

*Follow English learning social media pages

Follow pages likeĀ ours to see helpful posts daily. These posts force you to hear the spoken language and introduce new phrases and ideas.

*Use the language daily

Don’t go days without speaking English. It’s true that if you don’t use it, then you lose it. However, I told my best and most fluent Spanish when I had to say it every day at a past job! I even began thinking in Spanish at that point!

*TV shows, movies, magazines

Watching and reading these entertainment sources in English or with English subtitles is one of the bestĀ passive methods of learning the language. This is because it’s so easy to do while watching your nightly programs.

*Acquiring fluency is a process that you will notice gradually, but you WILL see it!

Know that learning English is not the same for everyone, and it’s a process you need to commit to. You won’t see progress unless you stick with it and practice, practice, practice!

These tips helped me reach a college degree in my second language, Spanish. They are tried and true. I can’t wait for you to implement these in your language learning!

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