Learning a language should not empty your pockets.

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Perhaps, you want to learn English but don’t have time to find an in-person class or tutor. Maybe you want to learn English online but feel like you would need to spend too many hours or find extra resources to be successful. Or do you feel like there’s too much focus on grammar and insufficient help with pronunciation? Finally, you want to find a program and a way to learn English online that is fun and easy. Many online programs are available, but do they check off all the boxes of things you are looking for?

Learning another language has many advantages, from being more connected and engaged in the world to possibly securing a higher-paying job than your one-language counterpart. Online language courses are a great option when considering learning a new language. With so many assets, what is stopping you from learning a language online?

Learning English online should be simple. Online learning has many benefits, including learning from anywhere and having all the information you need readily available. However, if you have to spend hundreds of dollars and tons of hours trying to learn a language, that doesn’t sound easy.

Here at Askademic, we make learning English online easy and fun. Askademic offers pre-recorded online courses so learners can work at a self-paced rate without worrying about scheduling conflicts or finding supplemental resources to assist with learning. In addition, we offer an individual learning experience where you are the only student with a highly qualified and trained teacher. Finally, to encourage learning and make it fun, we reward learners for their hard work through a points system for course completion, contributing to the community, and achieving personal goals. Learners also receive certificates upon course completion.

Practice makes perfect, and Askademic supplies quizzes that can be retaken as many times as needed to encourage retention and comprehension. Quizzes also help with concentration, identifying learning gaps, and building confidence. The assignments in our courses reinforce the content learned, and we give personalized feedback so learners can improve their skills and reach their goals. Feel free to message other learners, instructors, or our support team if you need assistance. We want to make learning English online as easy and fun as possible.

Let’s not forget about affordability. We also want you to afford the ability to learn from our courses. With courses beginning at $11, enjoy a range of introductory English courses, pronunciation training, and grammar-less courses. The length of systems also varies, and it is up to you how long you would like to learn. Classes range from days to a year, but the experience and information are just as relevant in the shortest format to the longest.

Askademic makes it easy to learn English online but still takes care of your daily responsibilities. All you need is an internet connection and a device to log in; microphones and cameras are unnecessary! Learning a language should not empty your pockets, consume your time, or be difficult. We are committed to providing a quality experience with the least effort from you. All you need to do is log in and be ready to learn- we take care of the rest.

If you want to learn English online, check out our courses, review the curriculum, price, frequently asked questions, and duration, then select a course that meets your needs and availability.

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