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As an educational service, we are well-placed to be advocates for our students. We’re uniquely positioned to identify and understand their individual needs. With this knowledge, we can advocate for students and the conditions required to thrive. In addition to being a voice for students, we serve to educate all, no matter their geography. We help them understand their rights in education and their communities. We champion our students in several ways.

I am indeed a little biased, but we do put our students first when it comes to posting on Instagram @askademic.inc. We view social media as channels that are an extension of our educational services and should be to the advantage of our followers. We try to create the best content for our followers with discount codes, tips, advice, lessons, vocabulary, community insights, and more. As an online education platform, it’s only fitting that we post valuable, informative content that can be learned. We do this in several forms, like posting American English vocabulary and common phrases, demonstrating American accents, and partnering with other English learning accounts and viral English teachers to help engage the content. Anyone improving their English fluency would greatly benefit from our posts. Read more about the benefits of our Instagram here.

You may already know this, but Askademic’s Learning Community is almost ready! Our Learning Community is one of our leading methods of advocating for our students! You can click here to read about the benefits of joining our LC.

Not only is our LC top-tier, but we take pride in our company values and how we include them in Askademic’s business structure and processes. We strongly believe high-quality educational content should be accessible to all who want it, but without costing an arm and a leg! We do this by pricing our courses reasonably in tiers and even including our excellent instructors in pricing strategies. Their inclusion ensures that we keep working with more and more of the best. Working with such notable teachers results in brilliant and inspirational content that we are delighted to be able to share with students.

Speaking of our instructors, we make sure to recruit the absolute best! They have credentials, experience, and, most importantly, passion! The instructors have created assignments that get turned in to help students apply and learn the course material. Students then receive individualized feedback. Askademic also accommodates Zoom sessions between students and teachers. Several courses offer live sessions with the instructor to help them maintain accountability and check in to see how they are and see if they can provide more guidance.

Askademic strives to make online courses different from what the other platforms offer. We don’t just push our classes to random customers. Instead, we bring courses and instructors to our students as liaisons, offering opportunities to ask questions, receive feedback, communicate and meet with instructors. Our goals are our students’ goals, and we recognize each individual with unique goals.

By providing exceptional privacy and security measures, live chat messaging, and discounts, the Askademic platform prides itself on its customer service and student success stories.

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