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The Benefits of Pre-Recorded Lessons

Over the past year, the world has gone virtual as countries have locked down. The covid-19 pandemic saw almost all learning go online, with life and pre-recorded lessons becoming the new normal. Here at Askademic, we pre-record all our online English courses and believe this is the more efficient and professional way to deliver our high-quality content. Studies have shown that pre-recorded lessons are the best way to deliver content to learners online, with learners finding them easier to access and manage.

Pre-recording lessons have several benefits, from video quality to access to them anytime. See below why we have chosen to pre-record lessons over live ones or physical classes.

Better Content

Often pre-recorded lessons offer better content than live online lessons. This is because the classes are pre-prepared, and if the tutor makes a mistake or has any connection issues, they can edit their filming or record when their IT issues are rectified. The videos, therefore, will be of higher quality and have a clear flow to the lesson. For example, at Askademic, our pre-recorded English videos contain all the information you need to learn English, clear audio and visuals, and finish to a high standard.

Access In Your Own Time

Learning English online via pre-recorded videos is a more flexible way to learn than online live calls or in-person classes. If, for example, you cannot make a regular lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, you will have to miss it. Being able to access pre-recorded video content at any time makes this easier. This means that learning will not be forgotten, and you will be more likely to progress. Pre-recorded lessons can also be used outside of a typical 9-5 working week, meaning that you can fit learning English alongside your daily routine, job, and personal commitments. 

Additionally, pre-recorded videos make distance irrelevant. Physical classes need to be located in your local area so that you can attend them. Online videos, however, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. At Askademic, we teach English to clients from several different countries, creating a learning community where everyone is welcome.

Work at Your Own Pace

As well as accessing the lessons in your own time and around your schedule, pre-recorded lessons allow you to tailor when you view the videos to fit the pace of your learning. For example, you can watch the address again if you struggle with a concept. If your schedule is packed for a week, you can skip a week and watch the following video when you have more time on your hands. Some learners work faster than others and may want to watch the videos in close succession. Others may take longer to embed the concepts they learned and prefer a longer gap between their classes. With pre-recorded online lessons, either of these options is possible.

Low-Pressure Learning        

Another advantage of online, pre-recorded videos is that learners often feel more comfortable in a one-to-one environment than learning in front of a class. This is especially true when you are learning a new language and need to practice pronunciation out loud. Speaking out loud in front of others can overwhelm or cause increased anxiety. Pre-recorded videos allow you to pause the video to practice your pronunciation, taking all the time you need without feeling rushed. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in your confidence levels.

Furthermore, accessing your English course from the comfort of your home creates a more relaxed environment where you will feel more comfortable making mistakes. Making mistakes is essential for learning and is part of the learning journey. Sometimes, making mistakes in front of others may feel embarrassing, so one-to-one tuition may take away this pressure.

Re-watch and Rewind

Watching our courses via pre-recorded video is significantly easier than simply accessing live lessons. Not only can you access it in your own time, as discussed above, but you can also pause the video if you have to stop your lesson or take some more time to practice pronunciation and complete tasks. Additionally, if there is a tricky concept you are unsure of, pre-recorded lessons allow you to rewind the video to review the idea again. Unfortunately, students cannot pause the tutor or rewind the tape with life lessons, as the tuition will continue without them.

Fewer Distractions

In a whole physical class or small group setting, many distractions can impact the pace and quality of your learning. This could be as little extra noise as more people around you or other classmates’ questions. Video learning is effectively like one-to-one tuition as you complete it yourself. It allows learners to concentrate and engage with the course correctly, meaning they will likely learn more efficiently.


Learn English with Askademic

Askademic is one of the most popular online lesson platforms in the United States. Our team works hard to design courses that will deliver the content you need in a clear and accessible way. In addition to pre-recording our English lessons, we combine this with other learning techniques to check your understanding.

Askademic pre-recorded videos come with follow-up Zoom calls where you can ask any questions that you may have. This allows you to fully understand the topics covered in your lessons before moving on to the next one. Additionally, our students can access online quizzes and assignments to test their knowledge. This helps us evaluate your progress and identify gaps in your learning. If a hole is placed, you can go back over the areas you must improve to refine your English-speaking skills.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Askademic’s English courses today!

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