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Humanity is one of the most social species of all mammals and we have an intense reliance on community. Humans have social needs and cannot thrive in solitude. So, it is no surprise that while taking courses, students greatly benefit from participating in learning communities (LC). 

Since it is Askademic’s duty to help students reach their goals, offering access to LCs is just one steppingstone on the path to success. Participation in a learning community boosts academic and course success for several reasons. One reason is the advantage in getting to know instructors and peers. By corresponding with them, posting responses in discussions, chatting, joining educational groups, and more, Askademic students get to be part of something bigger. Participating creates connections, experiences, and friendships. 

In addition to creating interpersonal connections, participating in learning communities broadens learning opportunities, possibilities, and perspectives. Connecting and communicating with peers from all over the world means being exposed to different ideas, cultures, methods, viewpoints, etc., culminating in the most idyllic educational environment that encourages learning and teaching in all forms. Similarly, learning communities give each student a place to reinforce and apply course material in a new environment, maximizing subject understanding. 

$$$$$ The best reason to participate in Askademic’s learning community is that engagement is rewarded! Every time a student contributes by posting, discussing, reaching out to peers, etc., they get points that can be put towards free Askademic courses! Hard work, course completion, positive community contributions, and goal reaching are all things that should receive tangible rewards. 

Askademic has a user-friendly messaging system that allows for effortless and readily available access to the student community, instructors, and Askademic’s support team. Additionally, several instructors offer time to meet via Zoom. Collaborating, learning, and tracking progress has never been easier!

Positive engagement and integration with Askademic’s learning community results in higher levels of overall satisfaction with the platform, so we encourage students to take advantage of all Askademic’s features and capabilities.

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