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Yes, I might be a little biased, but there are so many reasons to follow us on Instagram, @askademic.inc. And they are good reasons too! Not only does our page keep you up-to-date on all things tutoring, English Practice, and internal news, but it also provides VALUE that you’re looking for. With discount codes, tips, advice, inspirational quotes, lessons, vocabulary, community insights, and more, there is no reason not to follow us on Instagram!

Every day of every week we post an array of value-based content. Our inspirational quotes help start your week with good vibes. That Eleanor Roosevelt quote about education might just inspire you to learn something new! We also give you reminders by recognizing national holidays! If you follow us on Instagram, you won’t forget to send your mom flowers on Mother’s Day ever again! In addition to well-known holidays, you’ll be surprised with some overlooked holidays, like National Pie Day! On the very best holidays, we’ll share a discount code! But since we don’t need an excuse to share savings, we frequently post deals and discounts throughout each month! If you don’t follow us, you could miss out on savings!
There’s a huge chance that our tips and advice will benefit you because we post about a large variety of topics! Ranging from routines to staying motivated to beating deadlines, there’s definitely an Askademic Instagram post for you! Another extremely useful element our Instagram profile offers is community! Seeing others learn, participate, contribute, and share will demonstrate collective value because you’re not alone. Community ideation provides learning opportunities, as well as possible connections!
As an online education platform, it’s only fitting that we post valuable, informative content that you will actually learn from. By nature, we choose to do this in several forms and on multiple days so our followers can get the most value from our Instagram page. In addition to posting explanations of English vocabulary and phrases, we partner with other English learning accounts and viral English teachers to help make the content engaging. Anyone improving their English fluency would greatly benefit from our postings of common American phrases, alternative ways to express ideas/ feelings, and detailed outlines of words with multiple meanings.
Follow us today on Instagram to be part of discounts and deals, join our community, and learn some American English terms and ideas!

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