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If you’re looking for English practice or tutoring, then you’re probably wondering what the difference is between our basic online classes and our English Practice classes. Not only are our English Practice services tailored directly to you as you’re learning the language, but the price, curriculum, individual tutors, and tone are modified to enhance your overall learning experience.

Our basic online tutoring sessions may consist of subjects like algebra, biology, language arts, etc. Additionally, the tutoring may include study exam preparation, paper writing, proofreading, or casual homework help. These classes can also delve deep into a subject when the student needs a formal lesson plan. On the other hand, English Practice classes are specifically for our students who are native speakers of a different language and would like to practice their conversational English. While we do have professional English teachers for grammar and vocabulary, English Practice tutors are here for you to have a real discussion!
Since a language’s consistent practice is the key to perfecting it, we wanted English Practice classes to be very accessible. While basic classes are $17.99/hour, English Practice classes are $12.99/hour. English Practice also comes with the freedom to book whenever you want, with any tutor of your choice, and to converse about any topic you feel you need to practice more. Our tutors are non-judgmental and are there for you to help meet your goals. You won’t be lectured about any topic, subject, or theme; rather, you will have a casual chat where you will never feel uncomfortable or pressured.
As always, Askademic provides students and teachers with the most secure networks, portals, and servers. Unlike some other tutoring companies, we value your privacy, and we know you do too! The Askademic platform is fully encrypted and ready to teach you in the utmost of safety.
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