What Makes Askademic Different?

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Our blogs help our readers by sharing news, advice, ideas, research, and resources relevant to online learning and teaching. This blog differs slightly in that it is about us, Askademic! We pride ourselves on the services that we offer, as well as the values that are instilled in them. For example, we are transparent with our pricing, aren’t involved in marketing partnerships, our teachers and tutors are passionate, customer support is in-house and friendly, our privacy is top-notch, and we offer several free resources.


Askademic strongly believes education should be accessible, affordable, and high quality. That is why we keep prices lower than the other guys while offering competitive compensation to attract and retain the best instructors. We do this by pricing our courses reasonably in tiers and even including our excellent instructors in pricing strategies. Their inclusion ensures that we keep working with more and more of the best. In addition, working with such notable teachers results in brilliant and inspirational content that we are delighted to be able to share with students. 

To offer even more to our students, we have made the first three videos of each course free. Not only does this mean free educational content, but this also allows students to be sure they want to take that particular course before paying. This free preview is the best way to be transparent with our students!


We hire instructors from all over the world based on merit (and passion!). There are screenings to ensure they are proficient in English, their subject specialty, and foreign languages, if applicable. English Language tutors require one of five ESL Teacher Certificates, other subjects require a relevant degree and experience, and we screen resumes thoroughly. We also offer support and maintain consistent communication with teachers to ensure certifications and abilities stay up to date.

Customer Support

At Askademic, real people are receiving your chat messages and inquiries. Sure, we have a few automatic responses that you can click on if it’s an easy answer. However, if you don’t see your solution or feel like speaking to one of us, you can continue your message. Since we’re in different time zones than some of our students and teachers, we may need a few moments to respond. We want you to get the most out of our platform, and we want you to do it with ease.


We believe educational places need to be safe, as learning cannot occur under harmful or unreliable conditions. Teachers receive background checks upon onboarding; content is monitored and encrypted for security. Payments are secure, and payment information in full is never stored. Even teachers won’t know your full name unless you decide to tell them! 

Free Resources

We are serious when we say we will never exploit our students’ academic goals or the path to get there! That’s why we will provide FREE resources to paying and non-paying students. We want to pay students to be confident they are getting their money’s worth and know we’re rooting for them. We also want to serve those still thinking about joining us but haven’t yet committed. We appreciate all of you guys!
These free resources, from practice quizzes, proofreading, vocabulary sheets, and more, will be available in Fall 2021.

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