Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Academic Progress

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Not only teachers but also parents are responsible for educating children. With many schools transitioning to fully remote learning parents have to do more than just sign report cards every year. They are the ones who spend the most time with their children these days, thus they become active participants in children’s education. Fast-paced parents juggle jobs, daily errands, and a variety of other duties. Overseeing their child’s schooling at home is another important duty that many parents face since recently. Now, parents have to learn not only how to balance their own lives but also how to be active participants in their children’s academic lives and provide them with the necessary support.
The new school semester has just started, and it’s a good time for parents to take a good look at where their children are headed in terms of educational progress and think of their involvement. Whether your child just entered school, is starting high school, or preparing for college, here are several ways to monitor your child’s educational progress:

Be Involved

One of the best ways to keep an eye out on your child’s progress at school is being present in the classroom. Parents can volunteer at school, participate in regular meetings, or just practice drop-off/pick-up classroom visits. This will show your kids that you are interested in their education and motivate them. When the school is partially or fully online, try to participate in virtual meetings, connect with other parents online or schedule calls with teachers. However, consider some signals from your child to decide how much engagement is necessary. If your child appears embarrassed with you around at school or during online activities, think about doing something behind the scenes or taking a break. Your kids should not feel like you’re spying on them.

Know Your Child’s Learning Type

If you are not familiar with different learning types yet, read our blog post for more detailed information. Knowing what your children’s learning type is and how they better perceive information is a great facilitator. Some students tend to understand and learn better when information is heard or spoken, others are tactile learners. Identifying their learning type will help with academic performance.

Monitor Children’s Performance

Observe and keep track of how well your children do their assignments at home, how they prepare for tests, and recognize whether they have difficulties dealing with some subjects. You can create milestone checklists to chart kids’ success and note how they improve the skill. Many of these developmental tracking tools (like checklists, brochures, booklets, fact sheets) are available ready-made, or you can create your own using internet resources or just pen and paper.

Be Informed About Child’s Grades

Regularly check your child’s graded assignments, tests, exams, and performance task ratings. Collect feedback from the teachers when possible because the grade alone may not represent the child’s progress. Learn how your child’s teacher transmits grades and look for individualized and actionable data based on your child’s performance.

Consider Educational Apps

Most likely your children have at least one or several electronic devices at home (personal computer, tablet, smartphone, e-reader, etc.). Some parents still treat the iPad as a toy, it’s a mistake. There is an abundance of developmental apps and platforms. Modern e-learning platforms incorporate emerging innovations to map educational advances for children of different ages. Many of them have in-app portals for parents and trackers that analyze student’s progress based on their engagement. Explore what is out there and find the platform that will meet your needs.

Get Assistance

It may be challenging for working parents to balance between their jobs, duties and monitoring their children’s education (be it regular school or home-schooling). And that is normal. When you feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to ask for a professional tutor’s help. There are many tutoring platforms for any budget. At Askademic, we have experienced tutors from all over the world who can help you with most of the school subjects. You can buy a class package or simply get one-time help with a school assignment.

Celebrate Success

Whether your child is a quick learner who excels at school or it takes her more time to learn new material, celebrate their success, big or small. Hearing praises from you will encourage and motivate them. It is also a good way to boost child’s confidence and self-esteem. After all, children’s success is partially their parents’ success.

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