E-Learning Concerns and How to Remedy Them

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We’ve been learning online for almost a year now. Although teachers and students appear adjusted, some early concerns are still relevant. Questions like security and privacy, isolation, effectiveness, and even ergonomics are being questioned daily.
Online security and privacy have always been a significant concern, regardless of platform, online activity, or user age. However, when children are involved, security needs become heightened. Schools everywhere have invested in secure portals for their students and monitored procedures for the teachers in case of any cyber attack. Of course, for these procedures to exist, faulty cybersecurity instances occurred early on, although mainly at the university level. Online meetings, classes, and student records are heavily encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. There are also filters to keep adult content out of elementary video calls.


Additionally, companies like Zoom hire teams that work around the clock to curb illegal cyber attacks. Although these measures are in place, parents and students still find comfort in performing their security, like covering their webcams when not in use, submitting school records on paper, turning on privacy settings, etc. It also gives some peace of mind knowing that hacking an academic system is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines.
Another sizable concern is the isolation resulting from canceled in-person classes. Education is known to be a social process that allows students to experience some of the most influential factors in their socialization. It’s also known that older students suffer more from social isolation because friends play a more critical role in their lives. To help foster relationships, teachers, students, and parents have been putting together online group activities, like small escape rooms, online book clubs, and more. Virtual gathering ideas are endless.

How effective online teaching is has been called into question countless times. Even in times of regular instruction, education wasn’t black and white. What works for one student doesn’t work for another. The effectiveness of online teaching is too complicated to conclude because remote education is too new; the data only looks at established online programs rather than unexpected shifts. The primary remedy to mending this uncertainty includes providing several resources and methods to students and instructing in more ways than one. As a student, asking the teacher(s) to offer several strategies, speaking up when in doubt, and accessing every resource available will help ensure complete comprehension.

Another area of concern is ergonomics. Businesses have been creating ergonomically correct workplaces for decades. Employers acknowledge the connection between comfortability and work quality. However, little thought is given to the stress on students’ necks, shoulders, and backs. Bad posture can cause fatigue, muscle strain, and pain. It can also affect the position and function of vital organs. Setting timers to take breaks or reminders to correct posture can prevent these issues.
Askademic has considered all these concerns and more. We believe educational places need to be safe, as learning cannot occur under harmful or unreliable conditions. Teachers and tutors receive background checks upon onboarding, and sessions are recorded, monitored, and encrypted for security. To encourage collaboration, Askademic can accommodate group sessions. We know taking classes with others sparks important social learning tendencies that help lead to success.


Additionally, our teachers have years of experience teaching conventionally and digitally. They prove their ability to connect with students, understand unique needs, and know how to teach in various ways to instill complete subject understanding. Check out our teacher directory here: https://askademic.com/teachers/

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