How to Choose Online Learning Platform for a Child

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As a new school semester begins, things continue to shake out. The new year hadn’t brought more clarity about when or if in-person learning as we once knew it would resume. Millions of students worldwide are still learning online, juggling unprecedented challenges. At the same time, their parents still have several concerns and fears that their kids will fall behind academically. Both children and their parents could use a hand with a school semester unlike any other.
Online course providers and educational companies are seeking to rise to these challenges. However, the number and quality of online learning platforms have only grown and improved recently. Families face a great choice of them: some teach young children in a fun, engaging way that feels more like a game rather than school, while others offer in-depth curriculums in different languages to accommodate families around the world. For early elementary and preschool-aged children, the burden of choosing the right online learning platform, whether for homeschooling, curricular or extracurricular activities, most often lies on their parents or guardians. So what should they look at when searching for an excellent online learning platform for their young children?


Online learning platforms should be safe. It should protect your kid’s personal information and not share data with third parties. Gather as much information about the service before subscribing or making any payments. Check other students’ reviews about the platform. If you are new to a forum or the platform connects your child to new teachers, it is a good idea for parents to meet the educator virtually before or during the class.


Online learning platforms should be educational. Even if it incorporates games, they should mainly — if not entirely — be focused on teaching. Askademic offers 1-on-1 classes with tutors in real-time, which allows the online tutor to tailor a course according to the student’s specific needs, and for a student to ask questions in real-time and have live communication with the tutor. Another important thing is the absence of advertisements on the platform to ensure no distractions during studying sessions.


When you are choosing an online learning platform for homeschooling or extracurricular activities, it is essential that you (and your child) can be in charge of the learning process. At Askademic, we offer flexible membership plans with no commitment. Therefore, students can book classes at the best times with as many tutors as they like. In addition to that, our platform works on personal computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. We offer two free classes for all new members to test if that is the right platform for you.


Online learning platforms should be clear about what age they’re geared for. To ensure the taught material is neither complicated nor easy for a child, parents should know the periods for which the content is made. Our tutors have experience working with students of different ages and educational levels. Attentively read each teacher’s bio to ensure they are the right match for you. Then, when booking a class, you can always leave a message for a tutor or contact us, and we will match you with the best tutor for you.
Whether it’s parents turning to online resources for homeschooling,  educators looking for help to plan online lessons, families with young children looking for virtual tutors for their kids, high schoolers looking for additional homework help, or young professionals looking to improve their foreign language skills, Askademic has something to offer for everyone. Online learning is the future of education.

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