New Year, Same Virus: What Does the New Year Mean for Remote Learning?

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With 10 months of remote teaching experience under most teachers’ belts, they now have a decent understanding of what works and what doesn’t. While maintaining safe distances, teachers and students apply new tools and methods to instructing, learning, communicating, organizing, and more. Now, students and teachers have surpassed the introductory period of E-Learning and have incorporated it as a normal part of life.
So, what does this mean? Teachers are optimizing remote learning and giving students the best education possible given the circumstances, and they’re getting better at it every day. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean students are any better at grasping and retaining new concepts. Subsequently, students require tutoring just as frequently as they were pre-Covid.
Askademic has incorporated updated services to help fulfill all tutoring needs. With learning options as casual as one-time homework help to daily tutoring sessions, everyone has an enhanced learning experience.

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