Can I Get A Private English Tutor in Askademic?

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Askademic is built to have the needs of our students at the forefront. We want to ensure that every student gets the instruction they need. Sometimes, that means that you need time with a private tutor. Askademic can help you with your educational needs.


At Askademic, we have several tutors who can provide quality English tutoring at affordable rates. You can choose your plan and meet with your tutor as little as five times or as many as 20. Our tutors are trained in all subject areas, from English to science and math to social studies. We even have tutors for languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French. If English is not your first language, we even have tutors who specialize in helping you acquire that second language.

Can I Learn Online?

Online learning can be intimidating, but it does not have to be this way. Our teachers will take the time to meet with you in live sessions to learn with someone rather than trying to navigate it on your own. There are two basic types of knowledge in online learning: synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous Learning

This platform is most conducive to learning a new language, such as English. Tutors and students meet online through Zoom, Google Meets, or similar media to speak to one another in live sessions. The students can ask questions and get immediate feedback from the instructor. Many students do not realize that online learning can easily incorporate synchronous learning modules.

Asynchronous Learning

Sometimes students may be working on things without their teachers or tutors present. In these situations, they may have to find the answers on their own or wait until later to receive feedback. This is what is known as asynchronous learning. This format can be more challenging because the student does not have that helper or tutor present. However, Askademic’s sessions are not asynchronous, so you can rest assured that you will receive immediate feedback from your tutor.
Besides learning in synchronous environments, online learning means that you can be more flexible with your schedules and avoid missed time due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, your tutor can be present for a session if you have to be out of town or the weather is too bad to travel. You need to be able to access the online learning platform so you can continue to learn.

What Are the Benefits of Online Tutoring and Learning?

As mentioned before, the flexibility of the classroom is one of the main benefits. Not only can you access learning environments from anywhere in the world, but you can also schedule them at a time that works best for you. Yes, you will still have to keep to a basic schedule that meets the tutor’s needs, but you can meet for thirty minutes outside of regular business hours with an online tutor, whereas that is more difficult in a face-to-face environment.
Access to more resources is also possible in these environments. Sometimes in classroom settings, everyone does not have suitable equipment for accessing some online materials. However, using your gear from home means that someone else’s equipment does not limit you. In addition, tutors and students can share screens and work collaboratively in these environments.
With the worldwide COVID pandemic, many tutoring companies halted sharing equipment, papers, and other items typically used in a tutoring environment. However, with online tutoring, classes can go on as usual since there is no danger of contamination. In addition, if someone lives in a positively impacted zone, they are no threat to someone who lives in an area where the virus is well-contained. Therefore, you can still receive a quality education even during public health safety concerns.


Tutors with Askademic have experience as tutors beyond their time with Askademic. They are adept at creating lessons that foster positive learning experiences in their students. The main goal of these tutors is to improve their students’ learning. To do this, they will assess the needs of the student and the available resources. Many students may participate in parallel sessions or have similar assignments, but they will not all be exactly alike. Working with a tutor rather than in a classroom makes learning a little more flexible. The tutor can accelerate the program to fit the student’s abilities and needs.

What Will My Tutor Help Me Learn?

The answer to this question will lie entirely with what you need to learn. Tutors will assess your needs and work from there. Some tutors will be more proficient at pronunciation, while others will be more proficient at vocabulary acquisition. Whatever the best lesson planning is for you, we have a tutor who can meet your needs.

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