Why your Children Should Learn a New Language?

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Learning a second language is very beneficial in life. It can create many opportunities in your career and make you more competitive in the business world. Your children have a unique chance that adults don’t have when it comes to learning a new language. They are young, their minds absorb more information, and they have more time to perfect a new language before heading into the professional world. While traditional grade schools might not offer English, French, or Spanish courses, online programs like Askademic (https://stgaskademic.wpengine.com/) allow your child to learn a second or even third language. Here’s why taking this step can be very beneficial for your child.

It’s Easier for Children

While you may struggle to learn a new language as an adult, it’s a lot easier for your child. Your child’s brain absorbs information like a sponge absorbs water. According to this study by UCLA (https://newsroom.ucla.edu/), brain systems specialized in learning new languages multiply from around six years old until puberty (ages 11-15).

Less Responsibility

Unlike adults, children are not concerned with jobs, family issues, and child care. They have fewer responsibilities. Their only job is to go to school and learn. This means children are more focused on learning a language than adults because that is their sole responsibility.

More Time

In addition to having fewer responsibilities than adults, children have more time on their hands to learn. By enrolling your child in an online language course (https://stgaskademic.wpengine.com/teachers/), you are allowing them to spend their valuable time learning a new skill that will be very beneficial for them in the long run. When they learn at a young age, they have more time to practice and become fluent in the language before they reach their professional lives.

Encourage your child to learn a new language now. The younger they are, the more information they can retain, and the easier it is for them to process the new language. Our teachers at Askademic  https://stgaskademic.wpengine.com/ are well trained to help your young one pick up a new language like English, French, or Spanish. Don’t wait. Sign up today!

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