Online vs. In-Class: What Type of Education is Better?

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Online classes and remote education are becoming more and more popular among people of different ages and academic backgrounds, from high school to postgraduate studies and non-degree programs. The benefits are many: accessibility, affordability, flexibility, and more. As online education becomes more popular, some questions arise: how effective is e-learning compared to in-class learning, and can it completely replace traditional learning in the future?

Both education methods offer a unique combination of benefits and drawbacks for students.

Benefits of in-class education

Traditional in-class education offers a more structured class schedule. More real face-to-face interaction is at the core. In a physical classroom, students can express their ideas vocally in front of peers and teachers, be heard, and have in-person interactions. Some students feel more comfortable expressing themselves in person because they may feel distraught by the technology involved in the online world.

 Another benefit is the atmosphere of the college and community. Traditional physical school or college offers on-campus clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities, which are absent while studying online. They help young students develop interpersonal and leadership skills and sometimes find lifetime friends and mentors.

Finally, traditional education often offers hands-on training, which is an integral part of some professions (nursing, home inspection, etc.).

Benefits of online education

One of the main advantages of e-learning is flexibility. This is crucial for people with busy schedules who try to advance their careers and look for non-degree remote studying programs or those who combine career and education or family and education. For school and college students, one of the benefits of online classes is that some students may feel shy or intimidated in front of their peers compared to the online environment. The next benefit is accessibility. Online learning can connect learners with teachers from all over the world. It is also often more affordable than in-class education, especially when it comes to higher education.

Some of the personal skills that students can gain from e-learning are self-motivation and self-discipline that are crucial if one wants to succeed in online education.

It’s not about what method is better. It’s about which one works better for certain individual

It is obvious that both educational formats offer numerous benefits for different types of learners. However, the effectiveness of online vs in-class education is dependent not only on the delivery method but also on the course content, structure, and instructor. With existing learning tools and technological advances, it is easy to combine the two approaches, communicate with and engage students in various learning activities, both in-class and online. The point here is not to find out which method is better, but rather what method works better for a particular individual in a given situation. Some of the considerations are: the individual’s age, educational goal, occupation, schedule, financial situation, internet access, and/or organizational skills. To succeed in either online or face-to-face education, one has to define what goal they pursue. Once you set your clear goal it becomes easier to make a plan and decide on tactics that will help achieve that goal.  

With all technological growth, it is important to diversify learning resources. That means including different learning mediums and tools to accommodate different learning styles. Both online and traditional education are not exclusive. Rather they complement each other and can be easily combined to benefit the students.

Both online and in-class education are proven methods to satisfy individuals’ educational needs. As the world evolves and new technologies develop, those two methods become inseparable and interchangeable. The goal is not to define which method is better but to maximize the potential and learning benefits of each one.

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