E-learning has grown quite significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so in the future.

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From 1989, when the first online class was conducted, until now this industry has changed dramatically and growing more rapidly than ever. Online education and virtual classrooms are not only crowdsourced data collection or single topic journals but have become a highly effective source of teaching and learning, especially for those who are not able to attend classes physically due to any reason.
There are about 3 million students who are currently enrolled in online programs, and more than 6 million people are taking at least one online course for any of their degrees program. Online education has emerged out as a popular alternative to higher education.
From people interested in learning the English language online to the fresh high school graduates and working professionals, everyone finds different reasons to take online courses due to the undeniable benefits of online education.
Here are some of the important benefits of online education:

  • THE MINIMUM COST OF ONLINE PROGRAMS: Online learning provides a variety of educational courses, and many of them are free. Many of the online colleges and universities accept Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) earned credits. Although all online degree programs are not inexpensive at all any commuting cost and availability of free online textbooks and other helping educational aid make it comparatively less expensive.
  • VARIETY OF COURSES: From a career certificate to a doctorate, you can get every academic degree online. Every option from the traditional degree program to Career College online is available for students.
  • PROGRESSIVE CAREER ADVANCEMENT: These programs are available for everyone with any current status either doing a job or raising family etc. it shows the desire of learning and the ambitiousness of a person.
  • IMPROVES TECHNICAL SKILLS: Technology is changing with every passing day, and online training programs and courses help people to learn the latest skills and techniques that can help them in their professional fields.
  • NO BREAK-IN PROFESSION: The desire to complete a degree or learning another professional course can not interrupt your professional life, but online education goes parallel to the professional routines.
  • MAXIMUM CONCENTRATION AND MORE INTERACTION: Online courses provide a golden opportunity for the shy students to participate in class discussions more quickly than a debate in a real classroom, and in this way, the reticent students report better concentration.
  • CREDITS TRANSFER: For students who desire for attending summer classes but not able to do that due to any personal reasons, online classes are useful. Students can participate in online courses from an accredited college and then quickly transfer their credits to their college.
  • CONVENIENCE: The online course material is always available; it provides the student flexibility to plan study time according to their satisfaction without disturbing their working or job routine.
  • NO COMMUTING ISSUES: Online classes save your substantial savings and other expenses of attending a class at a particular place. You can attend the class sitting in your bed or while eating pizza and wearing your PJ.

These classes are easy to attend in every wayThese classes are easy to attend in every way than the traditional on-campus programs. Not only students, but teachers are more taking advantage of the online education system. Classroom teachers are always suffering from low annual income, here where online tutoring is coming to the picture. Much software is designed specifically for educators to help them to continue with their professional teaching skills online also to earn better income through online tutoring and one-on-one sessions with students as we do in Askademic Inc.
Technology has changed the time. Now E-learning is available for everyone, and it’s cheap! Classrooms have slipped away from the old physical room boundaries to the virtual classes, and it becomes so easy for a teacher as well to deliver lectures and get an education in their comfort zones.

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