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Kindly go through these terms meticulously before you order any of the services offered on this website. You understand and acknowledge that by ordering the online course services or utilizing the website, you agree to be bound by this agreement. You also agree that the company reserves the right to modify this agreement anytime, without any previous notification.

For Instructors

If you are an instructor/ teacher, you can register yourself on our website, and we will review your profile. You agree that Askademic selects the instructors based on several factors and you will be notified in the event you are qualified. We may also invite you for a telephone interview or a quick face-to-face interview online (via Skype). Once you clear the interview process, you will be able to create course content for students.

You may be asked to provide identity proofs such as a photo ID, a short resume, your account details, etc. You also understand that you are responsible for securing your username and password details. In case you notice any unauthorized utilization of your account, please inform us immediately.

Askademic reserves the rights to terminate any account at our own discretion. We focus on creating a community where instructors and students work professionally, and any kind of unauthorized activity will not be tolerated. In case we suspend an account, we will not be responsible for any information uploaded on your profile. Moreover, Askademic also reserves the rights to deactivate an account if the account is inactive for more than 30 days; you may not be allowed to re-access the website without receiving a written permission from the Company.

Instructor Obligations

As an instructor, you agree to provide accurate details about yourself. In the event we notice that the profile contains inaccurate information or is violating the terms, we reserve the rights to suspend your account.

Depending on what you and Askademic mutually agreed to, you acknowledge that you may be providing in-person services to our students, and you must be available on the days and times agreed to by all parties. It is your responsibility to prepare the content for any online meetings.

You must have a good internet connection and any kind of technical issue must be resolved immediately. If you face a major technical issue or are unable to provide your services on time, please inform students as soon as possible. We suggest you use a microphone and headset for reliable communication. 

You also understand that you, as an instructor, must be professional and helpful in your recorded courses and while interacting with students. You should only instruct the classes that are within your sphere of competency. It is your responsibility to deliver the online course services within the deadlines discussed with Askademic. In case you fail to deliver the services on time, you might receive a warning, and if the process repeats, your account will be terminated.

For Students

In order to utilize the online course services offered on our website, you must sign up and create your profile. We suggest you not share your password with any third party, and it is your responsibility to secure it appropriately. You also understand that you are responsible for all the activities occurring under your account, and we will not be liable for it. Only one account is permitted per person; you agree that you will not create additional accounts to abuse the functionality of our platform.

As a student, you reserve the right to choose any instructor or class you want. Think about your individual needs and complete the required payment to access a course.

Ratings or Feedbacks

A student is allowed to share feedback or rate a teacher’s service. The user (teacher or student) understands that the feedback or rating must be accurate, and the Company will not be responsible for any feedback posted on the teacher’s profile. We do not allow any kind of illegal or derogatory words in the feedback, so the student must use a professional language. In the event we find an inappropriate use of the words in feedback, we reserve the right to remove the feedback or take action against the user. 


The payment must be completed in full before having complete access to the course(s). We accept PayPal, credit or debit card. Askademic holds the fee paid by the students for a limited period of time, and then the amount is released to instructor’s account. In the event a student is eligible for a refund, we will deposit the money in student’s account. 

All the prices for online tutoring services are set by the Company or by the instructors, and we reserve the rights to modify the pricing structure at any time we want. In case a student utilizes our services for homework help, the pricing will depend on the number of pages they want and the level of assistance required.


In specific situations, a student is allowed to get a refund. If the student is signed up for a class that includes live meetings with the instructor, and the instructor is unable to attend the class due to a technical issue, you reserve the rights to reschedule or get a partial refund. 


Askademic cares about your satisfaction and tries to deliver exceptional services that meet all your needs, however, we do not make any guarantees that all your needs will be fulfilled properly. In certain occasions you might not be satisfied with our instructors, and in that case, the student is not allowed to hold us accountable. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage that could happen to students, and these damages or losses include although not constrained to the loss of business, savings, information or any other element whether caused by tort, violation of the agreement, or otherwise. You choose the services at your own risk and the Company will not be liable for any kind of damage that could emanate from the services offered by the teachers. 

This will not incorporate or restrict by any means our responsibility for demise or individual damage a result of our mismanagement, under segment 2 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, for fraudulent or bogus misrepresentation; or for virtually any problem where it might be unlawful for us to dismiss, or make an effort to prohibit, our accountability.

Force Majeure

The students understand that the Company will not be liable for any delay in case any events happen that are outside our control, including Force Majeure which denotes any event, act or incident that is beyond our control, such as storm, earthquake, flood, fire, or any other natural disaster. Our functionality under any specific agreement is considered to be expelled for the time interval that the Force Majeure situation persists, and we will have an expansion of time for performance for the timeframe of that interval. We shall utilize our practical initiatives to bring the Force Majeure Situation to a close or even uncover a remedy through which our responsibilities under the Agreement might be conducted regardless of the Force Majeure Situation.


In case a dispute occurs between teachers and students, we encourage you to resolve it mutually, however in the event you fail to handle the situation, please contact our customer support team and we will examine the case and suggest an appropriate solution.